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John Burdine Jr CEO Of About Mantis Maintenance

John Burdine Jr

Founder & CEO

After 10 years restoring homes with my sister company, Pressure Point Cleaners, I realized there was a gap in the market for handling smaller, ongoing property maintenance needs for my customers. Contractors just “couldn’t be bothered” by the little things people wanted help with. About the same time, my father-in-law, Bob Hibbing with Inspector House Calls, developed a list of safety and efficiency chores that every homeowner ought be be doing on a regular basis.

Ongoing Property Maintenance Solutions

While inspecting homes Bob got to see first hand the permanent effects that neglect can have. He wanted to offer an ongoing solution to home stewardship and his original list had 14 tasks on it, involving a quarterly rotation. After thoroughly researching recommendations from specialists of various fields our list of “things people ought to do” grew to over 75 different tasks! Conversations with friends in the insurance industry about the most common causes of claims and losses helped us trim things down some. Finally, after gaining feedback from our earliest subscribers and other homeowners we have settled on our current every other month checklist. 

My passion is to be a genuine help to homeowners, and to do it in a way that is effortless. We all know that working with some service companies can be such a headache that you are left wondering if doing it yourself would have been less work! At Mr. ProActive we believe that should never be the case, and that is reflected in our values. Unlike Home Warranties or other breakdown coverage subscriptions that act like insurance policies for potential needs you may never have, I wanted to offer guaranteed value. At Mr. ProActive we hope you find us so useful you tell your friends, neighbors…everyone!