Will the real world

be a rude wake up call for your teen? Prepare them with DIY Legends.


Close a massive gap in your teen's practical wisdom through DIY Legends today!

Custom lessons that really help

DIY Legends is not impractical theory or a generic checklist. The tasks are custom tailored to your home and strategically scheduled. No more waiting for "teachable moments". DIY Legends guides your child through hands-on lessons that make a real difference in your home.

Gamified without overstimulating

You know that amazing feeling you get when you tackle a bunch of chores and it all went really well? DIY Legends incorporates that healthy feeling through our Mission Rewards and Rank Upgrading system. Studies show that gamifying a mundane task can foster motivation, even without the hyper-stimulation many modern games rely on. After all, hard work should feel good!

A simple tool with massive benefits for the whole family, not just your kids!

Increase your home value!

Imagine a bidding war unfolding when it comes time to sell your home as you present the most thorough home maintenance records anyone has ever seen. You're not just training your child, their "game" is going to have a massive payday for you! Generated with a simple click of a button, all their ProActive Missions, Side Quests, Home Upgrades and Utility History are exported in an easy to share and impressive format.

Save on supplies

You'll love our in-app marketplace full of the same high quality supplies we buy for our own homes. Tap into group buying power with our vetted vendors and some exclusive deals. This feature alone will cover the cost of your DIY Legends subscription!

“For the first time ever my 14 year old son consistently carries his weight around the house. As a single mom, it’s great to know he’s learning life skills that will help him be a responsible adult, and I love that my house gets cared for at the same time. Last month he found two smoke detectors that were expired. I feel like DIY Legends has our backs!”

Jane Clemons


Launch your kids into the real world with practical wisdom through a process they will actually enjoy!

Is your "plan" random?

Systematic Home Care

Our ProActive Missions are designed to make strategic maintenance SUPER easy and fun! Tackling these missions will equip your teen with important (and increasingly RARE) life skills.

Need more consistency?

Build great habits

Our Chore Chain section will encourage the consistent completion of simple, daily tasks like making a bed, or taking out the trash.

Lacking motivation?

Develop Ambition with Side Quests

Record the completion of just about any kind of maintenance. Organize a closet? Record it and earn points! Mow the lawn? Record that too. Tracking and celebrating “wins” is super motivating!

Feeling disorganized?

Track Utilities, Appliance Model Numbers & Home Upgrades

Recording your utility expenses in the same place as your maintenance history keeps you organized. Need to buy a fridge filter? A couple taps and you have access to all your model numbers. Get a new roof? Throw the date and warranty info into DIY Legends and have it for safe keeping.

Overwhelmed by choices?

Save money on supplies

From furnace filters to smoke detectors…combing through endless options can burn through your time, and picking up the first thing you find can burn through your wallet. We’ve collected the best products at the best prices (including some exclusive discounts), so you can give more of your energy to the people around you.


No more forgetting things...no more worry. DIY Legends will tell you what to do, when to do it, and exactly how to do in a safe way.


If you are a DIY-type and just need better systems and resources, our tool will supercharge your ability to take awesome care of your house.

Increase Equity

Imagine impressing future home buyers with impeccable maintenance records for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

This tool is great for families of all kinds. The following guidelines will help you decide what integrating it might mean for your family life:

Young children Ages 4-10: This app is best used while alongside your children. They will learn to enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done, and their hunger to learn about their world will be infectious to you.

Pre-teens Ages 11-14: You should plan to get your child familiar with the app and your home to start with. They will probably pick up the ins and outs of the game very quickly, but they will have some questions about the house and how to use some basic tools. Use your own discretion in regards to their comfort level and safety. Don’t worry, they won’t be messing with wires or anything dangerous like that. As they use the game they will likely uncover problems that need more advanced help. The game will guide them to get professional help when necessary but be aware that humans are naturally curious and if you have a particularly ambitious one you are advised to set expectations and boundaries.

Teens Ages 15-19: Some teens in this age group will hit the ground running. Parental involvement is always encouraged, but it might quickly transition to you simply rewarding your teen for hitting goals and staying consistent. This age is critical for developing habits and a work ethic that will bless them as they transition to life on their own in college.

Our tool, DIY Legends, is a “progressive web app”. It can be used on almost any device with internet access (desktop computers, tablets, phones etc). It is optimized for use on Android phones using the Chrome browser and iOS (iPhone) devices using the Safari browser. 

In a rental unit, many of the tasks in DIY Legends are the responsibility of the landlord. That certainly doesn’t mean they are getting done! While renters who use DIY Legends won’t get ALL of the benefits of excellent maintenance, they will certainly enjoy a safer, cleaner, and more efficient home. 

DIY Legends is designed with the beginner in mind. We all can benefit from a good system to keep us organized, but having step by step instructions only a click away ensures everybody can get up to speed. The vast majority of our ProActive Missions involve tasks that are intended by the manufacturers of the effected appliance or component to be completed by homeowners. We’re not going to be re-wiring a furnace or blowing out walls together!

What's the value of a well maintained home?

We have clients that pay us over $1000/yr to come to their home and provide the same Systematic Home Care that you can have with DIY Legends. Even at $1000, the investment pays for itself with fewer breakdowns, lower utility bills, and just the immeasurable value of a healthier, safer home. If you don't feel DIY Legends is returning enough value for you, we will refund your investment.

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Mr. ProActive

I believe that with the right help, anyone can thrive at being a responsible homeowner. While running an exterior cleaning company for 10 years I saw homeowners struggle to consistently handle little routine things around the house. Sure, most people are changing their furnace filters, but fewer are keeping their smoke detectors in working order, and absolutely no one stays on top of all the 60+ other little things that would keep their appliances, plumbing, electrical & fire safety components from failing. These little things are what make a home safe and efficient.

This is why I started Mr. ProActive and developed a process called Systematic Home Care that can organize and complete the endless list of proactive maintenance tasks in your home. Involving my daughter and nephew in the process at our own homes was so enriching and fun, I asked myself, why not gamify this process so teenagers can invest themselves in home maintenance too? Now the same system I use is available right on your phone with DIY Legends! Families across the country are now sharing our satisfaction in caring for our homes together.
John Burdine Jr
John Burdine
Certified Professional Inspector

Look what I found with my daughter on this air conditioner! It’s so satisfying to work together to make a home work at it’s best.