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$489 Value - Only $189

How Preventative Home Maintenance Works For You.

We prefer that you are home during our visit, so we can meet and have you show us around the home. Relax and watch our experts get you caught up on all the home maintenance you’ve been dreading for months in under 2 hours. Our Certified Professional Inspector will work through a massive list of preventative maintenance and provide a detailed report each time with absolutely zero contracts.

Tired of babysitting your NEEDY home? You can now rest easy and enjoy the ONLY service that handles all the preventative tasks for you!

Are You Keeping Up With Your Home Maintenance?


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Mr. ProActive serves the Following Cities:

We are proudly serving the Central Iowa communities of the Ames and Des Moines Metro with plans to expand east and northeast in 2022 and beyond.

Is This Offer To Good To Be True?

Get the benefits of 9 preventative home maintenance services for less than the price of having your HVAC serviced or dryer vents cleaned. Is the offer to good to be true? NO! Finally there’s a service company designed to prevent catastrophe before it happens. Mr. ProActive specializes in keeping your home safe from damage and injury, year-round.

For Only $189 you can enjoy peace of mine and have every major appliance in your home checked and serviced. Get signed up and get Mr. ProActive Today!

$489 Value - Only $189

Get Protected: $189