Imagine perfect home maintenance with zero effort.

Your home can be more of an ASSET and less of a LIABILITY if it’s really well maintained. Mr. ProActive can make this happen.  

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What is the VALUE of a safe & efficient home?

Have you ever calculated the TRUE COST of keeping up your home? Your only choices used to be to either toil away on the weekends, spend $1000s coordinating with a dozen specialists to tackle each different thing, or just wait till something broke down and hope the repairs don’t break the bank. Any way you cut it, keeping your home well maintained used to be expensive! Neglecting it can be even worse. From house fires, to broken appliances, to mold and water damage, the cost of neglect is a scary subject!

Your family deserves better!​

If you are like the vast majority of homeowners, you are letting a few important tasks slip through the cracks. It’s time to step up your maintenance game…and it’s never been easier! Our Certified Professional Inspectors are experts at preventative maintenance. Our Systematic Home Care approach is so thorough that it covers your appliances, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire safety and more. Dryer vent cleaning, fridge coil cleaning, smoke detector testing, furnace filter replacement, filling your softener salt, and dozens of other tasks are completed like clockwork. It’s a truly effortless solution for a major source a stress in your life as a homeowner. 

What exactly does Mr. ProActive do?

Are you curious how thorough our Systematic Home Care is? Want to know exactly what you are getting for your money? Every major appliance in your home needs routine care. Every sink and toilet is a potential source for water damage or waste. There are filters that need to be cleaned or replaced all over your home, not just your furnace. One of our clients has 16 different filters in their home and they only knew about 4 of them! There are safety devices monitoring for smoke, water leaks, electrical faults, and many more dangers that must be tested, have their batteries replaced, or simply be cleaned to keep working properly. There are ticking time bombs all over the place! Wouldn’t it be nice to pass this massive burden on to a trusted expert? If you’d like to see a sample report from one of our routine service visits, please contact us below. 

Get started with Mr. ProActive for just $79!

Our Systematic Home Care subscription involves every other month site visits from a Certified Professional Inspector who will work through a massive checklist of preventative maintenance items. Our first visit will catch you up on any deferred issues and get you back on the path of a perfectly cared for home with zero effort. Our low monthly charge includes everything except the cost of filters, batteries, and softener salt, which we can provide at wholesale prices to save you even more money. There are no contracts, so cancel anytime!

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John Burdine Jr
John Burdine Jr
Certified Professional Inspector

What is our service area?

We are proudly serving the Central Iowa communities of the Ames and Des Moines Metro with plans to expand east and northeast in 2022 and beyond.