Plans & Pricing

What is the VALUE of a safe & efficient home?

Have you ever calculated the true cost of keeping up your home…or of neglecting it for that matter? Compare your options…

Cost to hire specialists

  • Find and coordinate 9 separate professionals to tackle all tasks on our list: Hours of phone tag and missed appointments. 
  • Approximate Total Service Fee: $1,760/yr
  • Bottom Line: Almost TRIPLE our price, plus a ton of hassle!

Cost to Do-It-Yourself

  • Supplies (filters, batteries etc...all included in our prices): $137/year
  • Specialty Tools: $98/first year only
  • Your labor (let's assume $20/hr): $563/year
  • The mental burden of being responsible for the safety of your home: ???
  • Bottom Line: $8 per year savings! Your peace of mind is worth WAY more than that...& your time is too!

Cost to NOT do any maintenance

  • Increased utility costs: $221-$851/yr
  • Amortized appliance/system cost due to reduced service life: $550/yr
  • Average amortized cost for repairs due to water damage: $225/yr
  • Significantly increased risk of FIRE, INJURY, or DEATH: Cost cannot be calculated
  • Total Cost of Neglect: $996-$1626/yr
  • Bottom Line: At best it costs you an extra few hundred dollars each year to neglect your home, but you are very likely to have major failures costing you thousands or even the unthinkable...a serious fire or accident!

Your family deserves better!

If you are like the vast majority of homeowners, you are letting a few important tasks slip through the cracks. It’s time to step up your maintenance game…and it’s never been easier! See our solutions below. 

An effortless solution for YOUR home.

We can help keep any home working as it should.  Our prices will be customized to your home, so the below values are a baseline.

Whole Home Package

$59 / month and up, supplies included
  • Site Visits Every Other Month
  • HVAC & Plumbing Maintenance
  • Fire Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Additional Safety Tests
  • Winterizing Services
  • Rain Water Management
  • Appliance Leak Checks
  • Additional Efficiency & Air Quality Maintenance
  • Custom Requests included
  • 102 Visual Checks/yr
  • 36 Tests Conducted/yr
  • 70 Items Filled, Cleaned or Replaced/yr (supplies included)

Pit Stop Package

$169 $119
  • New Customer Discount!
  • Dryer duct & transition hose full cleaning, pre and post-cleaning flow test, dryer interior duct and lint trap, floors and walls cleaned.
  • Testing & Inspecting all carbon monoxide & smoke detectors, GFCI receptacles and fire extinguishers.
  • Garage door & water heater safety check, range hood filter & duct inspection, & fire escapes inspected.
  • Subscribe to annual service and save even more.
  • Custom Requests Included

Optional Upgrades

Price varies
  • Water Softener Salt Service
  • Annual Gutter Cleaning
  • Extra Dryer Vent Cleanings
  • Power Washing or Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • House Keeping
  • Sprinkler System Winterizing

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