Imagine perfect home maintenance with zero effort.

Even though your home is a townhome or condo, it still has a lot of maintenance needs! It will be more of an ASSET and less of a LIABILITY if it’s really well maintained. Mr. ProActive can make this happen.  

What is the VALUE of a safe & efficient home?

What’s the TRUE COST of keeping up your home? Maybe you toil away on the weekends, spend big money on specialists, or just wait till something breaks down and hope the repairs don’t break the bank! Good home care used to be expensive but neglect can be even worse. From house fires, to broken appliances, to mold and water damage, neglect is a scary subject! Are IMPORTANT THINGS falling through the cracks in your home? 

Your family deserves better!​

Your association may handle the lawn care and snow removal, but what about everything else? It’s time to step up your maintenance game…and it’s never been easier! Our Systematic Home Care approach is so thorough that it covers your appliances, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire safety and more. It’s a truly effortless solution for a major source a stress in your life as a homeowner.

What exactly does Mr. ProActive do?

Every major appliance in your home needs routine care. Every sink and toilet is a potential source for water damage or waste. There are filters that need to be cleaned or replaced all over your home. One of our clients in Ames has 15 different filters in their home and they only knew about 4 of them! There are safety devices monitoring for smoke, water leaks, electrical faults, and many more dangers that must be tested, have their batteries replaced, or simply be cleaned to keep working properly. There are ticking time bombs all over! We’d like to give you a free guide to help you evaluate your current maintenance routine and identify things you may need to catch up on!

Get started with Mr. ProActive for just $59!

Our first visit will catch you up on any deferred maintenance and get you started down the path of a perfect home…with zero effort! If you are excited about what we have to offer, our follow up plan involves every other month visits and can be as low as $39/mo plus costs for filters, batteries and softener salt. There are no contracts, so cancel anytime! Our special offer of just $59 for your first visit is normally reserved for townhome, condo, and row house communities that have at least 2 residents using our service on the same day. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this offer today. Just mention our “special condo offer” when booking. 

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John Burdine Jr
John Burdine Jr
Certified Professional Inspector

What is our service area?

We are proudly serving the Central Iowa communities of the Ames and Des Moines Metro with plans to expand east and northeast in 2022 and beyond. 

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